How To Grow Tomatoes - A Beginners Guide to Growing Tomatoes

How To Grow Tomatoes


The Basics

Tomatoes are a garden favourite, and in Australia, they're pretty simple to grow. For this venture, you'll need some tomato seeds, good quality soil, stakes for support, and some all-purpose plant food. You don’t need a green thumb, just a willingness to give it a go.

Prep the Ground

Choose a sunny spot in your garden for these sun-loving plants. The soil should be well-draining and not too clayey or sandy. Loosen the soil using a garden fork and add some compost or organic matter to give your plants a good start.

Planting Time

The warm months are the best time to plant tomatoes in most parts of Australia. Sow your seeds indoors 6 weeks before the last frost. When planting in the ground, remember that the more stalk that goes underground, the more roots it will grow.

Water Wisely

After planting, give them a good watering. Going forward, water consistently but avoid making the soil soggy. Inconsistent watering can lead to issues like blossom end rot.

Feeding Your Plants

Mix in some all-purpose plant food into the soil at planting time, and repeat the feeding about a month later. Don't overfeed; tomatoes are more resilient than you might think.

Common Problems

Watch out for waterlogged soil and pests like aphids and caterpillars. If the soil stays too wet, you might get root rot. And if you see bugs munching on your plants, you'll need to act fast.

Harvest Time

When the fruit is brightly coloured and slightly soft to the touch, it's ready for picking. Simply twist the fruit gently until it snaps off from the stem.

In a Nutshell

Growing tomatoes in your garden is pretty straightforward. With minimal preparation and regular care, you'll have a healthy crop ready to harvest in no time.


Frequently Asked Questions


How to plant tomatoes?

Choose a sunny spot in your garden and prepare the soil by loosening it and adding some compost. If you have seedlings, dig a hole deep enough to cover the root ball completely. For seeds, sow them indoors first and transplant later.

How to grow tomatoes in pots?

Select a pot that's at least 30cm in diameter and has good drainage. Use quality potting soil and place the pot in a sunny location. Water and feed just as you would with in-ground tomatoes.

How to plant tomato seeds?

Sow the seeds indoors about 6 weeks before the last expected frost. Use small pots with seed raising mix. Plant the seeds about 6mm deep and keep the soil moist.

How to grow cherry tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes are less fussy than other types. Use the same planting method, but note that they’ll likely grow faster and might need less space. They’re also good for pots.

How to make tomato plants grow faster?

Quality soil, consistent watering, and feeding with all-purpose plant food can promote faster growth. However, avoid overfeeding as it can lead to leafy plants with fewer fruits.

How to care for tomato plants?

Water consistently but not excessively, and feed with all-purpose plant food a month after planting. Watch for signs of pests or diseases and treat as needed.

How to stake a tomato?

Use a wooden or metal stake at least 1.5 metres tall. Insert it 20-30cm into the soil about 10cm away from the plant. As the tomato grows, tie it to the stake at various heights using soft twine.