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Capsicum - Californian Wonder - Sow Good Seeds

Capsicum - Californian Wonder

Capsicum annum Californian Wonder Capsicum Seeds are a classic addition to any garden, with their robust and prolific nature. These sweet peppers grow to a bright, glossy red when mature,...
Capsicum - Emerald Giant - Sow Good Seeds

Capsicum - Emerald Giant

Capsicum annum Emerald Giant Capsicum seeds are an excellent choice for gardeners seeking a sweet and juicy pepper variety. These pepper plants produce large, blocky fruits that ripen to a...
Capsicum - Sweet Banana - Sow Good Seeds

Capsicum - Sweet Banana

Capsicum annum Sweet banana capsicum seeds are perfect for those who enjoy a mild and sweet flavour in their dishes. The bright yellow fruits of this variety add a splash...
Capsicum - Yolo Wonder

Capsicum - Yolo Wonder

Capsicum annum If you're looking for a versatile and easy-to-grow capsicum variety, Yolo Wonder might be just what you need. These seeds produce large, blocky capsicums that start off green and...
Chilli - Cayenne Red - Sow Good Seeds

Chilli - Cayenne Red

Capsicum annuum Bring the heat to your garden with our premium cayenne red chilli seeds! These seeds produce hot, slender peppers that pack a spicy punch, perfect for adding some...
Chilli - Habanero Red F1 - Sow Good Seeds

Chilli - Habanero Red F1

Capsicum chinensis Looking to add some serious heat to your garden and your cooking? Look no further than our Habanero Red F1 seeds! These seeds produce one of the hottest...
Chilli - Habenero Yellow F1 - Sow Good Seeds

Chilli - Habanero Yellow F1

Capsicum chinensis These seeds produce bright yellow, lantern-shaped peppers that pack a punch of heat and a distinct fruity flavour. Habanero chilli peppers are known for their high capsaicin content,...
Chilli - Jalapeno - Sow Good Seeds

Chilli - Jalapeno

Capsicum annuum Jalapeno chilli seeds are a must-have for any home gardener looking to add a bit of heat to their meals. These seeds produce medium-sized, thick-walled peppers that are...
Chilli - Serrano

Chilli - Serrano

Capsicum annuum Serrano chilli seeds are the perfect addition to any home garden for those who crave a bit of heat in their meals. These seeds will grow into vibrant,...
Cucumber - Mouse Melon - Sow Good Seeds

Cucumber - Mouse Melon

Melothria scabra First described in 1866, the Mouse Melon (also known as Cucamelon) is native to Mexico and Central America. Small, grape sized fruit resembles the taste of cucumber when...