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Beetroot - Chioggia - Sow Good Seeds

Beetroot - Chioggia

Beta vulgaris Chioggia Beetroot, also known as the Candy Stripe or Bullseye Beet, is a distinctive variety famous for its vibrant red and white concentric rings. Originating from the Italian...
Beetroot - Detroit Red - Sow Good Seeds

Beetroot - Detroit Red

Beta vulgaris Detroit Red Beetroot is a classic heirloom variety prized for its deep crimson roots and excellent flavour. This reliable and productive beet is a staple in vegetable gardens,...
Beetroot - Golden Detroit

Beetroot - Golden Detroit

Beta vulgaris Golden Detroit Beetroot is known for its golden-yellow flesh and sweet taste. This variety is different from traditional red beets, as it doesn't bleed. It's valued for both...