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Eggplant - Long Purple

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Solanum melongena

Vigorous, heavy cropping with large fruit and good flavour.

50 heirloom seeds

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Solanum melongena

Let me tell you about these Long Purple Eggplant seeds - they're an absolute must-have for any veggie garden. I first came across them a few years back when my neighbour brought over a massive eggplant from her crop. I stared at this thing in awe - it was easily 30cm long and had the most incredible deep purple skin.

As soon as I sliced into it, I was sold. The flesh was perfectly firm yet tender, with a mild flavour that just lets all your other ingredients shine through. I fired up the barbecue that night and made an amazing veggie kebab feast with those Long Purples as the star.

Ever since then, I make sure to get these seeds in the ground each spring. The plants themselves are pretty impressive - they shoot up over a meter tall with gorgeous purple stems and lush green leaves. And once those long, slender fruits start developing, it's like the plant is putting on a show in the garden!

Long Purples Eggplants are a cinch to grow, even for newbies. They love soaking up the Aussie sunshine and seem to shrug off most pests and diseases. As long as you've got well-draining soil and stay on top of watering during hot spells, you'll be all set.

That's the best part about this variety - it just keeps pumping out those glossy, stunning eggplants all season long. You'll have plenty to work into your favourite curries, dips, stir-fries and more. My personal go-to is making batches of amazing baba ghanouj to stash in the freezer. It's definitely one of the most prolific, beautiful, and useful eggplants you can grow!

So if you're looking to bring a little pizzazz to your edible garden this year, grab some Long Purple Eggplant seeds. 

50+ heirloom seeds

Sowing Information

Plant Type: Annual
Sow When: Temperate: Spring
                   Subtropical: Spring
                   Tropical: Autumn
Sow Where: Direct or in trays
Sow Depth: 5mm
Germination: 7-14 days 
Position: Full Sun
Plant Spacing: 75cm
Row Spacing: 90cm
Plant Height: 150cm
Harvest: 70-85 days

Climate Zone

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Australia-climate-map MJC01

Martyman, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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Eggplant - Long Purple