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Luffa - Loofah

Luffa - Loofah

Luffa aegyptiaca Luffa is a vigorous vine that is fast growing and hardy. Growing beyond 2m this variety will need a trellis. Young fruits can be peeled and cooked, similar...
Pumpkin - Jap - Sow Good Seeds

Pumpkin - Jap

Cucurbita moschata A sweet nutty flavoured variety with dark green skin and yellow or light green stripes.Excellent flavour and good storage. 10 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: AnnualSow When: Temperate: September -...
Pumpkin - Queensland Blue - Sow Good Seeds

Pumpkin - Queensland Blue

Cucurbita maxima This variety is excellent for storage. Deep ribbed fruit with blue/green skin, and tasty orange flesh. Grows up to 5kg. 10 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: AnnualSow When: Temperate: September...
Pumpkin - Small Sugar - Sow Good Seeds

Pumpkin - Small Sugar

Cucurbita pepo A prolific little pumpkin grown since the 1800's. Deep orange-yellow skin with fine grained sweet yellow flesh. This variety grows up to 2kg. 10 heirloom seeds Sowing Information...
Watermelon - Golden Midget - Sow Good Seeds

Watermelon - Golden Midget

Citrullus lanatus The Golden Midget fruit is round with golden skin and sweet, pink flesh. Fruit Sets well on a short compact vine. Will grow to 1.3kg and easily fit...