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Broccoli - Green Sprouting - Sow Good Seeds

Broccoli - Green Sprouting Calabrese

Brassica oleracea Green Sprouting Calabrese broccoli is known for its large, dark green heads and robust flavour. Originating from Italy, this heirloom variety has become a favourite in gardens worldwide...
Pea - Sugar Snap Cascadia - Sow Good Seeds

Pea - Sugar Snap Cascadia

Pisum sativum This variety of climbing sugar snap pea will grow up to 1.5m when trellised. Producing 7-8cm long pods, Cascadia suits both home and professional growers. 30 heirloom seeds...
Lettuce - Loose Leaf Mix - Sow Good Seeds

Lettuce - Loose Leaf Mix

Lactuca sativa Reds, greens and bronze are the colours of this mix of favourite loose leaf lettuce varieties. 200 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: AnnualSow When: Temperate: All year       ...
Carrot - Scarlet Nantes - Sow Good Seeds

Carrot - Scarlet Nantes

Daucus carota Scarlett Nantes carrot seeds are a must-have for any home gardener looking to grow their own fresh produce. These seeds produce medium-sized, cylindrical roots with a bright orange...
Coriander - Cilantro - Sow Good Seeds

Coriander - Cilantro

Coriandrum sativum Best suited for fresh leaves, this variety is slow to bolt. 75 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: AnnualSow When: Temperate: September - November               ...
Onion - White Lisbon - Sow Good Seeds

Onion - White Lisbon

Allium fistulosum This bunching onion has bright green tops and long white stems.Will grow a small bulb that is great for pickling. 250 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: AnnualSow When: Temperate:...
Pea - Snowpea Mammoth Melting - Sow Good Seeds

Pea - Snowpea Mammoth Melting

Pisum sativum Growing sweet and tender flat pods up to 10cm, this climbing variety can reach 2m tall.Likes cool weather and is wilt resistant. 30 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant...
Pea - Greenfeast - Sow Good Seeds

Pea - Greenfeast

Pisum sativum Growing up to 1m tall, this is a heavy cropping shelling variety with pods 5.5-6.5cm. 30 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: AnnualSow When: Temperate: April - September       ...
Cabbage - Golden Acre - Sow Good Seeds

Cabbage - Golden Acre

Brassica oleracea This heirloom cabbage variety produces compact, round heads of tender, sweet leaves that are perfect for fresh salads, coleslaw, and stir-fry. Golden Acre cabbage is a cool-weather crop...
Cauliflower - Snowball Early - Sow Good Seeds

Cauliflower - Snowball Early

Brassica oleracea Snowball Early is a classic heirloom variety that produces dense, pure white heads with a mild, sweet flavour. This early-maturing variety is ready to harvest in just 60-85...
Carrot - Nantes Darcy - Sow Good Seeds

Carrot - Nantes Darcy

Daucus carota Nantes Darcy carrot seeds are a go-to option for home gardeners who want to grow fresh, delicious carrots with ease. These seeds produce juicy, crunchy carrots with a...
Rocket - Pronto - Sow Good Seeds

Rocket - Pronto

Eruca vesicaria A quick growing variety with highly serrated medium green leaves. Used in salads or as a garnish, it has a pungent cress like flavour. 250 heirloom seeds Sowing...
Lettuce - Great Lakes - Sow Good Seeds

Lettuce - Great Lakes

Lactuca sativa Large crunchy iceberg variety.Green ball of leaves with firm heart. Slow to bolt in summer. 200 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: AnnualSow When: Temperate: All year         ...
Onion - Creamgold - Sow Good Seeds

Onion - Creamgold

Allium cepa Globe shaped bulbs with pungent flavour. Excellent keeper.Harvest when tops are dry and fall over. 100 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: AnnualSow When: Temperate: May - August       ...
Dill - Dill - Sow Good Seeds

Dill - Dill

Anethum graveolens An aromatic culinary herb that is best used fresh. The leaves, flowers and seeds are used in many cuisines including Scandinavian, Baltic and Middle Eastern. The stem is hollow...
Broccoli - Di Ciccio - Sow Good Seeds

Broccoli - Di Ciccio

Brassica oleracea Di Ciccio Broccoli is a traditional Italian heirloom variety that is grown for its reliability and excellent taste. This variety is characterized by its medium to large heads...
Brussels Sprouts - Long Island Improved - Sow Good Seeds

Brussels Sprouts - Long Island Improved

Brassica oleracea Long Island Improved Brussels Sprouts Seeds are perfect for the gardener looking for a reliable and delicious crop. These seeds produce compact plants that can grow up to 80cm tall....
Cabbage - Red Express - Sow Good Seeds

Cabbage - Red Express

Brassica oleracea This eye-catching cabbage produces medium-sized heads of vibrant red-purple leaves that are both beautiful and nutritious. Red Express cabbage is a cool-weather crop that prefers well-drained soil and...
Onion - Gladalan Brown - Sow Good Seeds

Onion - Gladalan Brown

Allium cepa This medium short day type can be grown in most parts of Australia. Good sized brown skin onions with a mild flavour. 100 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant...
Rocket - Wild - Sow Good Seeds

Rocket - Wild

Diplotaxis tenuifolia A perennial Rocket with finely serrated leaves. More pungent and slower growing than others. 300 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: PerrenialSow When: Temperate: Autumn, Spring           ...
Lettuce - Australian Yellow Leaf - Sow Good Seeds

Lettuce - Australian Yellow Leaf

Lactuca sativa Textured and tender yellow-green leaves with large yields. Leaves become more crinkled as they mature. 200 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: AnnualSow When: Temperate: All year         ...
Radish - Champion - Sow Good Seeds

Radish - Champion

Raphanus sativus Bright red with solid white flesh, this globe shaped Radish has a mild flavour.Very good producer used for commercial and home gardens. 100 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant...
Radish - French Breakfast - Sow Good Seeds

Radish - French Breakfast

Raphanus sativus Scarlet with a white rounded tip, this mild flavoured radish will grow 5-8cm long.Cold resistant. 100 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: AnnualSow When: Temperate: All year       ...
Lettuce - Oakleaf Green - Sow Good Seeds

Lettuce - Oakleaf Green

Lactuca sativa Upright standing plants with tight rosettes full of deeply lobed medium-dark green leaves.Baby leaves in 28 days.Good resistance to hot weather. 200 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: AnnualSow...