How To Grow Peanuts - A Beginners Guide to Growing Peanuts

How To Grow Peanuts


The Basics

Fancy growing your own peanuts? Great choice. Here in Australia, it’s easier than you might think. Grab some 'Virginia Bunch' peanut seeds and a few basic gardening supplies like compost, a watering can, and some general-purpose plant food. You don’t need to be a gardening pro, just a keen interest will do.

Prep the Ground

First up, you'll need a spot in your garden. Make sure the soil isn’t too hard. Use a garden fork to loosen it up a bit. While you’re at it, mix in some old leaves or compost.

Planting Time

Wait for the weather to warm up a bit, usually late spring or early summer. Pop the seeds into the soil, keeping them about 20cm apart. Use your finger to poke a hole for each seed, just deep enough to hide it.

Water Wisely

Once the seeds are in, water them well. But going forward, don’t drown them. The soil should feel a bit damp to the touch but not soaking wet.

Feeding Your Plants

A little bit of general plant food at the start and about a month in should do the trick. Don't go overboard; peanuts aren't too fussy.

Common Problems

Look out for two main issues: waterlogged soil and pests. If your soil feels too wet, cut back on the watering. And keep an eye out for bugs. They’re a sign you need to step in to protect your crop.

Harvest Time

When you see the leaves go a bit yellow and the soil’s dry, you’re good to go. Just pull up the whole plant gently and give it a shake to get rid of extra soil.

In a Nutshell

Growing peanuts at home in Australia isn't hard work. A bit of basic prep and regular care is all you need to harvest your very own 'Virginia Bunch' peanuts.


Frequently Asked Questions


How do peanuts grow?

Peanuts grow underground as part of the roots of their plant. The plant itself will have leaves and flowers above ground. After the flowers fall off, "pegs" grow from the plant and go into the soil, where the peanuts form.

How to plant peanuts?

Wait until the weather is warm, usually late spring or early summer. Loosen up your garden soil with a fork and mix in some old leaves or kitchen scraps. Use your finger to make a small hole in the soil and drop a peanut seed in. Cover it up with soil.

How long does it take to grow peanuts?

In Australia, it usually takes about 4 to 5 frost free months from planting to harvest. This can vary based on local conditions.

How far apart to plant peanuts?

Plant your peanut seeds about 20cm apart. The rows should be about 90cm.

How deep to plant peanuts?

Use your finger to poke a hole in the soil for each seed. The hole should be deep enough to cover the seed, usually up to your first knuckle.

How big do peanut plants get?

Peanut plants can grow to 30cm tall. The size can vary depending on soil quality and how well you take care of the plant.