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Cucumber - Muncher - Sow Good Seeds

Cucumber - Muncher

Cucumis sativa Lebanese style cucumber growing to 15-22cm. Excellent flavour fresh or pickled, this variety fruits early and is very productive. 30 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: AnnualSow When: Temperate: Spring, Summer ...
Tomato - Cherry Roma - Sow Good Seeds

Tomato - Cherry Roma

Solanum lycopersicum Our Cherry Roma tomato seeds offer gardeners a unique blend of a small, cherry size tomato with the classic shape and taste of the Roma variety. These seeds produce...
Zucchini - Black Beauty - Sow Good Seeds

Zucchini - Black Beauty

Cucurbita pepo Bring some richness and depth to your garden and dishes with our Black Beauty Zucchini Seeds. These high-quality zucchini seeds produce a classic variety of zucchini with shiny...
Tomato - Beefsteak - Sow Good Seeds

Tomato - Beefsteak

Solanum lycopersicum Our Beefsteak tomato seeds offer gardeners a large and juicy tomato variety that originally comes from the Americas. These seeds produce big tomatoes, often weighing over 450 grams....
Eggplant - Black Beauty - Sow Good Seeds

Eggplant - Black Beauty

Solanum melongena Bushy plants that grow up to 75cm. Purplish black oval fruit averaging 1kg.High quality fruit retaining good colour. 50 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: AnnualSow When: Temperate: Spring     ...
Capsicum - Californian Wonder - Sow Good Seeds

Capsicum - Californian Wonder

Capsicum annum Californian Wonder Capsicum Seeds are a classic addition to any garden, with their robust and prolific nature. These sweet peppers grow to a bright, glossy red when mature,...
Carrot - Scarlet Nantes - Sow Good Seeds

Carrot - Scarlet Nantes

Daucus carota Scarlett Nantes carrot seeds are a must-have for any home gardener looking to grow their own fresh produce. These seeds produce medium-sized, cylindrical roots with a bright orange...
Beetroot - Detroit Red - Sow Good Seeds

Beetroot - Detroit Red

Beta vulgaris Detroit Red Beetroot is a classic heirloom variety prized for its deep crimson roots and excellent flavour. This reliable and productive beet is a staple in vegetable gardens,...
Lettuce - Romaine Red - Cos - Sow Good Seeds

Lettuce - Romaine Red - Cos

Lactuca sativa One of the deepest dark red lettuces available. Vertical leaves form a loose head. 200 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: AnnualSow When: Temperate: All year           ...
Corn - Jolly Roger - Sow Good Seeds

Corn - Jolly Roger

Zea mays Sweet corn producing one to two medium cobs each. Excellent flavour with high sugar content. 30 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: AnnualSow When: Temperate: September - January       ...
Bean, Bush - Provider - Sow Good Seeds

Bean, Bush - Provider

Phaseolus vulgaris Provider beans are known for their quick growth and high yield. Originating from breeding efforts aimed at improving reliability, these beans are a practical choice for many gardeners...
Carrot - Nantes Darcy - Sow Good Seeds

Carrot - Nantes Darcy

Daucus carota Nantes Darcy carrot seeds are a go-to option for home gardeners who want to grow fresh, delicious carrots with ease. These seeds produce juicy, crunchy carrots with a...
Tomato - Moneymaker - Sow Good Seeds

Tomato - Moneymaker

Solanum lycopersicum Moneymaker tomato seeds let you grow a dependable variety known for good yields and a standard tomato flavour. These seeds produce medium-sized, red tomatoes with a balanced taste....
Silverbeet - Fordhook Giant - Sow Good Seeds

Silverbeet - Fordhook Giant

Beta vulgaris Very curled, dark green leaves with large white ribs and stalks. 50 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: AnnualSow When: Temperate: August - May               ...
Corn - Golden Bantam - Sow Good Seeds

Corn - Golden Bantam

Zea mays Sweet corn producing two or more excellent flavoured 15-17cm cobs per plant.Plant grows to 1.5m. 30 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: AnnualSow When: Temperate: September - January       ...
Silverbeet - Rainbow - Sow Good Seeds

Silverbeet - Rainbow

Beta vulgaris A blend of green, pink, red, and yellow ribs and stalks. Growing to 50cm it is mildly flavoured and looks great in salad mixes. Can also be cooked...
Pumpkin - Butternut - Sow Good Seeds

Pumpkin - Butternut

Cucurbita moschata A good keeping variety with a sweet nutty flavour. An old favourite popular in markets. 20 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: AnnualSow When: Temperate: September - December       ...
Eggplant - Long Purple - Sow Good Seeds

Eggplant - Long Purple

Solanum melongena Let me tell you about these Long Purple Eggplant seeds - they're an absolute must-have for any veggie garden. I first came across them a few years back...
Tomato - Roma - Sow Good Seeds

Tomato - Roma

Solanum lycopersicum Roma tomato seeds offer growers the chance to produce a widely-used tomato variety recognized for its oblong shape and dependable yield. When planted, these seeds yield tomatoes that...
Tomato - Mortgage Lifter - Sow Good Seeds

Tomato - Mortgage Lifter

Solanum lycopersicum Mortgage Lifter tomato seeds allow you to grow a popular variety known for large yields and a hearty tomato flavour. From these seeds, you'll get large, meaty, pinkish-red...
Lettuce - Loose Leaf Mix - Sow Good Seeds

Lettuce - Loose Leaf Mix

Lactuca sativa Reds, greens and bronze are the colours of this mix of favourite loose leaf lettuce varieties. 200 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant Type: AnnualSow When: Temperate: All year       ...
Radish - Champion - Sow Good Seeds

Radish - Champion

Raphanus sativus Bright red with solid white flesh, this globe shaped Radish has a mild flavour.Very good producer used for commercial and home gardens. 100 heirloom seeds Sowing Information Plant...
Tomato - Tigerella - Sow Good Seeds

Tomato - Tigerella

Solanum lycopersicum Tigerella tomato seeds provide growers an opportunity to cultivate a tomato variety noted for its striking striped appearance and solid yield. From these seeds, tomatoes emerge with a...
Bean, Climbing - Blue Lake - Sow Good Seeds

Bean, Climbing - Blue Lake

Phaseolus vulgaris Blue Lake Beans are a popular choice for home gardens, known for their reliability and great taste. These seeds grow into strong, climbing plants that produce a high...